A New Beginning

So I was looking for my old blog from shutterfly and for the life of me I couldn’t remember what site I had been blogging on! It took me about 30 minutes to find an old invite email I had sent out. When I viewed the page, it brought back some great memories of my time in China…..but that is about as far as it went. I am disappointed in myself for spending nearly 2 years in Taiwan without updating a blog on my adventures. I am not going to let this happen again. I am living my dream, basically what I’ve wanted since this crazy idea of traveling and teaching popped in my pre-teen, dyed haired, emo head. I need to document this time, I need to remember everything that I have been doing to make my life the best experience I can ever get!

Maybe I am being a little bit reflective now that my time in Taiwan is coming to a close and I am moving on to new adventures in Turkey. But when I saw the sun shining for the first time in days, I feel a little lighter, a little happier, and a lot hopeful!

It’s time to keep going, keep growing, and begin blogging!


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