Dear love #4 January 6, 2016

Dear Love,

I am the holder of a jam packed agenda and yet I am at peace. I am drinking a latte and watching the rain. I am picturing what you’ll look like at our next connection. Tall,  fit, soft, and nationality. Do you ever pause in the midst of your day and see the beauty of a rainy day like this? The entirety of nature is in hibernation. Preparing for the rebirth in the spring. And though we don’t have the same luxury, we can take
20 minutes and appreciate that the world is still turning…we woke up. We are not ended in our quest for adventure and meaning in our lives. How beautiful the possibilities are ahead of us. The
things we could still feasibly achieve. I consider your personality. Are you more artsy or intellectual? Political or go with the flow? I am really excited that I have a chance to find out….hopefully 🙂





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