Dear Love series

So it’s come to my attention from a variety of people that they’ve read my blog. This makes me happy, and I hope you enjoy it. But some also have asked if I’m okay. The answer to that question is, yes. The writing I have been doing is a sort of creative writing project for me. It’s based on my interpretation on a spoken word poem from Phil Kaye and Sarah Kay called “When Love Arrives”. You can watch it on youtube by following this link:

I’ve always loved this poem and have watched it many times. It gives me clarity, hope, and realism to what love really is. It’s messy and unexpected. It’s never what or who you thought it would be. But it’s given me the idea that “love” itself is a kind of force. That it doesn’t change in it’s essence, but with every love gained and lost, that force is the same. So this series is me having a one-sided conversation with the force of love. There is truth to each piece, and it is a good release if I am in a particular mood. But these truths are things that I’ve taken from a variety of experiences from my life, not any one particular person or people. But outside of this, life is good.

I hope you continue to read the series, I haven’t planned how long it will be and as I get back into writing on a more regular basis, it will include more of my travels and adventures abroad. I appreciate your concerns and I hope you take a few minutes each to realize that life is good. Love and light. 😀

– Wendi



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