Dear Love #7 January 20, 2016

Dear Love,

The nights are getting colder, and as I’ve tucked most of my memories of you away, I’ve wrapped myself, literally, in another. The first gist from you, a cozy rusted orange knitted throw. It’s doesn’t cause my heart to pulse with pain. I guess this is a tick in the healing department. Instead, comforting me and reminding me of the good. The honor of being loved and accepting love in return. But, in my warm cocoon, I am appreciative. I’ve built a good life. Most of the aspects are being built and now consider it a great time to continue on this path of success in these areas. I move forward with the hope that when the time is right, we’ll meet again, in whatever form it may take. Instead of continuing to add straw to the camel’s back, the world is stressful and negative enough, I am letting go. I have big plans and difficult challenges ahead. I am looking forward to it. I’ve come up with a new motto: Stop tallying and balancing your failure, success has more mass.




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