Dear Love #11 February 16, 2016

Dear Love,

I’m so curious as to how people see the ripples of their actions. Similarly to the idea of the butterfly effect, you don’t know how your choices today will impact your (and others’) tomorrows. Maybe I feel this way because of the choices I am planning at this moment for the future. I want to be as prepared as possible, not rash. I am comforted that this choice was already a nugget in my brain well before the creation and ultimate demise of my previous relationship. It was a strong consideration then that I shelved for something different, more traditional. Now it’s back, and stronger than ever before. I want to explain that all this tight lipped talk about this “decision” will be cleared up and explained soon. I want my loved ones to understand that I have a decision to make and that I am making it for ME. I am spending time considering my options and that nothing is set in stone. I can be a pretty logical person, at times. I know, it surprises me too! But I am trusting myself and I feel this could be one of the most important and rewarding acts of my life. This cause and effect way of thinking was actually sparked by one of my co-workers. She was worried about me and actually did a random check-in. I hope she knows how much I appreciate that. Picking up the chips after you’ve lost your instruction manual can be a true strength test. Mainly because life does have a button to pause and catch your breath. You shoulder on and pick up what remains, hoping you can somehow remember where they fit. Sure some holes are expected and you will fill them in a little at a time as you re-glue the previous, in the hopes that they can hold together long enough to anchor in the new ones. I think I’ve experienced enough to know how to make a picture out of randomness and I guess the next few years will surely be a testament to that. In a more literal check-in, no more talks have taken place between either of my exes and myself. I’m more at peace with the way things have worked out and I will continue to reflect and adapt. Ultimately, I want them to know that I understand things were a two way street, I hurt and was hurt. However, I always wanted good things for them and myself. I hope that we were all able to learn and grow from our time together. To the friends I have, both near and far, I’m GOOD! I am pushing positive thoughts into existence as much as possible. Check-in with me, I’d love to chat (as always). But I’m no longer suffering and I’m looking forward to bigger and brighter things in the future. Just remember that what you do today influences a lot for tomorrow!


But first ROME and IRELAND are on the agenda.

Peace, Love, and Light,





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