SOL #2 Readers vs. Writers

As I was thinking about what I wanted to write about tonight, I called my mom back in Florida. I’ve been so busy that I hadn’t called since I came back from Christmas. Shame on me! I know. But we started talking about my niece, Audrey. Ever since she’s been born when I was still in University, she has been dubbed my mini-me. I look almost exactly like her when I was the same age; short, chubby, blonde with a round face and a button nose. It is such a funny thing that even though I’ve rarely lived in the same country, nevertheless the same city, since she’s been born, that she is also similar to me in many other ways. For example, we both love to eat, are the only left-handed people in our family (other than my paternal grandmother who passed when I very young), and we both love to read. I can’t count the number of times I would spend the summers on the balcony of my apartment sweaty with a popsicle and a book. It was easier to pass the time since we moved quite often, I went to more than 5 schools by the time I was in 4th grade. She is the same way. Currently, she is in grade 2 and can read on a 4th grade level. My brother says she loves to get books and she is always reading something. I love that little girl, just like all my other nieces and nephews, but I guess we have that special connection. I’ve been a reader my whole life, with the exception of my rebellious high school years that I got into music instead. 😀 I’ve always been a storyteller, but never really wrote my stories down. I did attempt to do this many times over the years, but ended up with a half-dozen journals/diaries with one or 2 entries into them. This is something I am really working for the coming month, to help me get into the routine of writing on a regular basis. I like flushing out my words and thoughts on paper and in a blog. So I would love some feedback from other slicers now. Anyone else have this same problem? Any strategies to help make this more a part of my at least weekly routine? I see the value of modeling writing to my students, and I think I would be very happy writing more frequently myself.


4 thoughts on “SOL #2 Readers vs. Writers

  1. I have a lot in common with you and your niece…I always had my nose in a book! Writing your stories is definitely a habit; I, myself, have ebbed and flowed with this habit. I suggest you keep a writer’s notebook where you can jot down ideas about stories. This way you keep track of those memories before they fade. Then, when you have the urge (or the time), mine your notebook for stories that are calling to you, and write them in your notebook or on your blog. Glad you joined the SOL challenge this year…and I can’t wait to see what stories you spin!

  2. Once you complete this month you will have writing front and center in your life. But you will be tired, writing every day is exhausting. But to keep it up, you can come back here every Tuesday to post a slice, just to stay in practice. There are other writing opportunities that you can join in on too. You just have to make the time. Of course when you post and you get comments, that will feed your writer self. Blogging forces me to write. I never saw myself as a writer, but always was a reader.

  3. My oldest niece to me is much like yours is to you. That girl is my heart. 🙂 This is my fourth ( I think) year doing the challenge. Welcome to slicing. You will find that you love it. As far as making time to write, I mostly do my writing at night, that’s just me. I find that writing the same time makes me commit to doing it. Good luck!

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