Feel the love

Ever since I can remember I’ve wanted to have no other job but teach. Maybe it was because I moved so much as a child, and had a hard time coming out of my shell. Until I was in 5th grade and had a truly wonderful teacher that helped me out. I loved that we shared a first name, other than the fact we spelled it differently. But I always thought that teaching was where I wanted to be, where I fit. The only other job I once considered was forensic photography in 10th grade, until I thought about it. It probably wouldn’t make my life as interesting as an episode of CSI, and the boys wouldn’t be as cute either.

Fast forward to now, and I have worked with children for over 10 years including my high school scholarship. I love it, and am so thankful that I have the ability to do this job everyday and travel at the same time. I think this is a good post for today considering that today is Teacher’s Day in Albania. I have the smallest group of children I’ve ever taught, just 4. However, I feel just as much gratitude from this tiny class as I did in my 40 student classes in China. This also coincides with Dr. Suess week and I was able to share a copy of my favorite Suess book, “Oh, The Places You Will Go”. At the beginning of my career I had 2 suitcases full of children’s books. But as I continued to travel I slowly gifted these books to children of friends or students. Now I have a handful left, but this one I kept. It was a gift from another inspirational teacher from when I graduated from high school. Which means this book has been to 6 countries over the past 13 years. Mrs. Nanus believed in me, and knew I would be a great teacher. She wrote me references and showed me how to write a formal lesson plan. She gave me support when I had troubles and we are still friends today. So ultimately I want to say Happy Teacher’s Day to everyone who is a positive influence in the life of a child. Everyone is a teacher in some way, so let’s remember to be positive and leave this Earth more prepared for a future where we treat people and the Earth with peace.


Love and Light,




3 thoughts on “Feel the love

  1. What a great slice! I love the idea of your book pile dwindling as you share them around the world. Your post is also a wonderful tribute to those teachers who have supported you along the way. Happy Teacher’s Day!!!

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