Simple pleasures

The past two days my home has been quiet. The couchsurfers have cleared and it’s back to me and my roommate. I love couchsurfing and I love meeting new people and sharing our travel stories, soooo much! But it was nice to listen to old 90’s rock like Savage Garden and Placebo with my roommate. Eating chips and homemade guac and dancing in the kitchen.

Today, I helped my students plan and begin construction on their dioramas for out PYP summative assessment and I loved it! Lying on the floor and questioning how they will make their city/airport/park/supermarkets come together into a cohesive unit.

Tonight, I finally had the time and energy to fulfill a wish for my student. My co-teacher and I went to his house to play video games with him. The chaotic nature of their home, with toys stacked in every corner and hyper children eating snacks while we ate wayyy too much chocolate was super fun. It made me realize even more how excited I am to finally begin planning that for myself. Not sure when, where, or exactly how I will have my family, but it will happen. Being single kind of puts me in a tough spot, but I have no doubt that, even if I do it solo, a child of my own is in my future.

While these events were seemingly mundane, I couldn’t be more content. I am looking forward to a week of hanging around my house and planning for the rest of the school year while others are traveling to local and far away locations. My trip to Italy was cancelled, but a staycation will be just as nice!

I am enjoying my simple life in Albania, surrounded by amazingly generous people. The future looks so bright and I am ready to welcome it into the present!


4 thoughts on “Simple pleasures

  1. What a fun way to spend your time! I bet those kids loved having you there! Thanks for sharing that little glimpse into your world – it just made me smile!

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