My bestie

As this month I am coinciding my video blog “What makes You/Us Beautiful” with SOL I’ve decided to combine the two today. This is dedication to one of my best friends: Chelsea.

It’s amazing to me that we met nearly a decade ago and how different we are today. From our first education class in Norman Hall, I was attracted to the positive energy that just radiated from you. I, myself, was not nearly so happy-go-lucky. Married to a man that was slowly becoming a burden. A man that made me run from my home.

But I still consider this time to be one of the best times of my life. I have so many memories of us. From painting your wall with chalkboard paint to have study sessions for that idiotic elementary math course. To hiding our cigarettes so your crush wouldn’t see them through your window. Then, being dismayed when we still didn’t pass that math course! We took calc….how was this happening. Painting the graffiti wall to me living vicariously through your dating life over wine and pizza parties.

You helped me remain hopeful. I realized I could have this. Happiness. I didn’t need to stay in a relationship where I wasn’t happy and we were destroying each other. It wasn’t fair to either of us. But then you were there to help me realize not only should I not do that, I was worth more than that. I deserved more than that.


When I look at how far we’ve come….it is awe inspiring. The physical journey of our weight loss. Getting our first teaching positions. Having new and lost loves. Me moving to CHINA! You getting married to your soulmate in a wedding in India. Oh! How I wish I were there. But you know I was sending love your way.

Chelsea has shared so much with me and introduced a portion of my way of thinking through books. I’ll never forget the time I say “Eat, Pray, Love”, I decided in 5 seconds that my cynical depressed self didn’t want to read a religious cookbook. 😀 But I recognized a bit of myself in Liz. I’d never been single. Even as a teenager I’d been with my husband. I had no clue what, where, how, or who I wanted. I didn’t know anyting about myself yet. I needed to figure it out. The only constants in my life were my love of teaching, kids, and the passion to travel. I became a risk-taker that day.

With your help I made a decision.

I chose me.


2 thoughts on “My bestie

  1. This slice is a wonderful tribute to your friend and your friendship, but also to your determination and strength.”I chose me.” Simple but powerful words. I admire your risk-taking as it’s something that isn’t inherent in me. You inspire me.

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