Get inked!

I was so sad yesterday night. 3 attempts at loading my day 12 into the wordpress app. No luck, it just kept deleting my posts. 😦


Oh well! I’ve done so much more writing in the past 2 weeks that I certaintly cannot complain as this has been an amazing challenge! I love writing different stories now. So more information about my little world and the way that it works.

I love sleeping in, yet I am a teacher and on weekdays I am usually up by 5am (at the lastest). Sometimes as early as 3:30am is when I rise and shine. In some ways I think I picked the worst career just because of the early start time. In the end though, there is no other job that I could imagine doing for the rest of my life.

In fact there are so many reasons that I don’t mesh with the traditional role of a teacher and I am writing about one of my obsessions: Tattoos.

I currently have 7 tattoos and I love everything about them. I feel like my skin is a canvas and I am allowing an artist to help tell my story through visual means. I’ve gotten a tattoo in every country I’ve lived in, except Turkey. From my very first tattoo, which I got 2 weeks after my wedding, I knew this would be a new turning point. I’ve since then gotten 6 more. The bright swirls of ink of my skin have never made me sad. In some ways, I feel like I would be covered from the next down had I not become a teacher, but frankly I am not willing to have to cover my arms yet if I decide to get sleeves….maybe one day 🙂

I haven’t gotten a new tattoo in 2 years almost and the desire is burning bright. I’ve chosen my next piece and will get it done in about 2 weeks. I am so freaking stoked about this, the calming buzz of the needle so familiar to me now.

Here is the upcoming new work to be inked on my skin forever:

In my opinion, there isn’t much better! I’ll post pictures when it’s finished.


One thought on “Get inked!

  1. I’m sorry about the tech fail–how aggravating! It was so interesting to read your feelings about tattoos. Your next design is beautiful. How did you decide on this one?

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