The power of words

We’ve heard this idea before. Think before you speak. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. Words have the potential to bruise self-confidence, to throw someone off the edge and leave them lost. I’ve experienced this in my life many times. From schoolyard bullies to bitter arguments with my step father. Words, at one point in my life, made me vulnerable. I dread confrontation, so much so, that at times I will not even defend myself. I will build a barrier and let the words of others bounce off of me and come back later to shift through the carnage when I am alone.

But I think people don’t realize as often, the power of words to uplift. You have the ability to help someone soar to the greatest heights with encouragement, understanding, and love. They can instill hope for the future, even if you are in what seems to you to be your lowest point.

I am currently somewhere in the middle. Making readjustments to my life and the way I interact with those I come across, I try to remember the power of the words I share with them. I am happy, preparing a vastly different future than the one I had been planning with my ex, even as recently as 6 months ago. There are parts of my life that I am not willing to sacrifice any longer and my happiness is paramount on the list.


However, it is words that at times stop in my tracks. When I remember how happy we were together. The melodies that played in our minds and on the radio as we cut, painted, sanded, hung, designed, and recreated our home. Now his home. These words, hopefully, will one day be bittersweet. One long lost love that I can look back on without regrets, only a softness and a passing thought to how the other half of this memory is doing in life. I’m not there yet and now I am left with a sting of heartburn in my core….even though I know we made the right choice to end things at that moment. There are songs that I will immediately switch if they happen to wander into my youtube/pandora playlist. Now willing to deal with the power of these words.

In moments like this, I turn to the power of another’s words. These 2 people probably don’t realize how much they’ve influenced my life. How encouraging they have been in my life. The story they weave is ordinary, so true, that it affects me and gives me the hope that things will change. I am happy to live my life until that happens. The day that I am knocked off my feet again. If you’ve never heard this poem, I hope you enjoy it. It holds a very special place in my heart. I hope it makes you feel happy. 🙂


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