What did I do?

Do you ever have those moments in life when you’re like, “Hey, what did I do to you!”. I am currently in a battle with my upstairs neighbor.

This all began last week. This little old lady who speaks surprisingly good English approached me in my building. After explaining that she can hear my music through the walls ( I have no sound system and generally believe my little standard mac speakers cause that much noise), I apologize profusely and tell her my roommate and I will work harder to keep it down. This back and forth goes on for about 20 minutes and I am left leaving the conversation feeling scolded. She basically accused me of being crazy, immoral, and shameful. “What would your parents think!” umm….nothing. We listened to music and ate quiche. Pretty tame really. But it got me thinking…..


I have bad luck with old ladies really hating me abroad. Here are some other instances.

  1. Old ladies in China like to push me. Like on a daily basis I would get roughly shoved. You get used to a slightly aggressive nature when waiting in “line”. Sometimes, you push through to get served. But more often than not when I look for the person who pushed me, it was old ladies.
  2. Attack #1: This happened on the metro with my co-worker. We were sitting in a booth going to the mall, which had the biggest supermarket. I was stoked to buy blueberries and quinoa. 🙂 All of a sudden we hear this lady yelling. Otherwise the metro is silent and normal. Curious, I begin looking around for the source. And I find it about 5 yards in front of me. She is furious. Red-faced and spitting in my direction. Having no clue what happened to prompt this verbal assault and not understanding a word being said, I still am not quite sure it’s directed at me. But looking behind me, I am the only one in her target zone. The other patrons on the metro are mostly guys and girls who seem to be in their early 20’s and they’re giggling and eyeing me uncomfortably. She continued to yell, point, and spit at me for another 45 seconds before promptly exiting the train. I was left in bewilderment.
  3. Attack #2: This happened about 3 weeks after the train incident. I was at a carrefour shopping after an unsuccessful attempt at exchanging a 1TB hard drive that was not compatible with my mac. I am terrible with computers and bought the wrong device. Oh well. I decide to buy my groceries for the week while I was already at the store. I end up in the produce department first, which is typical. I start at the long row of different potatoes. I pick one up to find it rotted on the other side. I jumped at the unexpectedness of finding that and quickly put that potato aside. I continue my search immediately, but out of my peripheral vision I see something flying towards me. The object lands with a thump next to my cart. It’s a potato. Confused I look around. On the other end of the potato display is an old lady. She is arming herself with potatoes and proceeds to throw them at me. She doesn’t say a word. I end up running out of the store without making a purchase.

I am not sure what the common link is other than me. I generally like to think I am “likeable”. I try to be polite, caring, understanding, and I am pretty funny. This pattern now happened in 3 countries. I am confused and pondering this new connection.


What did I do?

2 thoughts on “What did I do?

  1. Yikes! I can just picture you running from that store with potato projectiles following you. What an unusual series of events. I’m sure I’d be pondering it, too, but odds are it’s random and coincidental. You certainly lead an interesting life and have fascinating stories to share! I can’t imagine you’ll ever be at a loss for a slice idea!

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