I might die. My joints ache, my nose is stuffed. My head is pounding and surprisingly meeting any new rhythm it hears. I have the chills and then I am too hot.

I hate getting the flu. The germs of children is by far the worst part of being a teacher. We don’t even have to strength to argue to anyone, even if there were people willing to listen. Tomorrow is supposed to be a special day and I was planning to dedicate my SOL to my adventures….now I feel the only adventure I will have is how to get around my house.

I guess it was a good thing my trip to Italy was cancelled.




4 thoughts on “Noooo! NOT DURING SPRING BREAK!

  1. I am in the same sick boat as you! I, like a fool, said to my husband on Sunday “I think I’m finally getting over the cold I’ve had since Thanksgiving.”

    Today: sore throat, runny nose, itchy eyes, and general “meh” feeling. Guess my cold is back from vacation!

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