On this day…

On this day

eleven years ago I married the person I had once hoped would be my happily ever after.

even though I knew we had too many issues.

On this day

ten year ago, I was working two jobs because my mother-in-law’s mistake.

I was out of university for a year.

On this day

nine years I was in the middle of my first semester at the University of Florida.

I was being blamed for moving us away from his friends.

On this day

eight years ago I was working two jobs again and full time school.

I began doing my homework at the coffee shop instead of going home.

I slept in my car between shifts and caught my husband talking to women online.

On this day

seven years ago I had finished my Bachelor’s in Elementary Education.

I began shuttling my husband to operations after he went blind.

On this day

six years ago I’d finished my Master’s in Education from UF.

I found out my husband was still having an affair after 3 years.

I asked for a divorce and moved out.

On this day

five years ago I got a job offer in China.

I was in the middle of my divorce.

He stole $12,000 from our accounts and my car.

I stole the car back.

On this day

four years ago I was mending as an officially free woman in China.

I began online therapy with a counselor from my city.

My divorce was granted on his 30th birthday.

On this day

three years ago I was enjoying my first year in Taiwan.

I was thinking about dating.

Noone seemed worth the risk.

On this day

two years ago I accepted a job in Turkey.

I met Thomas. I fell in love.

I would hate my life in Turkey. He helped me through it.

On this day

one year ago I was preparing to move to Austria.

Wedding talk was happening. Baby talk was happening.

I was excited awaiting my offer from ACT Albania to get the right training.

On this day

now, I am beginning again.

I am single. I have no plans to move to Austria.

I am hurt, yet hopeful.



5 thoughts on “On this day…

  1. beautifully written, hard parts of life slice. I’m inspired by your unconquerable spirit. As a writing comment—I absolutely love the way you look back on this day at various times in your life. Inspired by YOU and your writing.

  2. Oh I love this structure! Life takes many turns and you are navigating them and coming back stronger and braver each time it seems. You really are an inspiration.

  3. What an honest look back at your past 11 years. I am amazed that beginning again, in the middle of hurt, you can be hopeful! Blessings as you move forward.

    • Thanks, Ramona. I think it depends on the relationship. My last relationship, with Thomas, was actually wonderful. But the end I think was needed for him. A long distance relationship and stress from his family were too much. So it’s nice to be able to look back on it fondly. But it’s still fresh. When I do feel like dating again, I know what I do want more than ever, thanks to him. 😀

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