memories :)

I just read my boss’ post, as she is a slicer and introduced me to the challenge, and it made me start thinking of memories. I recently got some old photos back from my ex husband. I found my senior glamour shot, and I floated down memory lane.


Fear over possibly losing my job for throwing a mcflurry at a customer. But for the record, I didn’t get fired and I only did it because she threw a cheeseburger and I retaliated as I felt mustard and pickles seeping my hair and the neckline of my shirt.

Dying my hair every other day and then not being able to dye it at all now.

Going to concerts.

Matt and Megan. Always together.

Park ave Records

hummus, the Smashing Pumpkins, and Mr. T jokes in pjs.

Groveland, Leah, and the mall. A glorious weekend.

Losing a bet and having to go to the country bar sans black clothes and make-up. Wearing wranglers.. *shutters* lol.

pleather 40 inch bell bottom pants, my trash bag pants.

Getting kicked out.

Moving out for the first time. I was so excited.


Life is good, if you look for the in between moments. You will always find something memorable and that should be treasured.


Love and Light. 🙂




6 thoughts on “memories :)

  1. I love your memories! Your mcflurry story just made me laugh! And must have been a big bet to go without make-up or black! Thanks for the fun memories!

  2. I like this conglomeration of memories from your past. The randomness and disparity of the instances make it authentic.

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