I am sitting pondering the different stories in my mind….but nothing is coming together in a complete fashion. SO….I am stealing a bit.

I’m currently…

Listening to:

Latvian music in the background of my new Netflix show “Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries”. 🙂 I dig it.


A week off for spring break. It was just what I needed.


Red Wine


about why people still continue to hurt each other in so many ways. Why do we lie, cheat, steal, murder, judge, etc? It doesn’t make anyone feel better.


a visit from some special people. I would love to get some of my American friends here in Europe with me this summer.


Completing school work. But  I did read more than a third of the first Game of Thrones novel in the past day. I will stay up late tonight to read more. I need to get myself back into “work” mode because reading for book club at school is fun, but my week won’t be if I don’t get cracking tomorrow.


a puppy to snuggle at night. :


Game of Thrones among a dozen other stories. 😉


that I will have a hard time once I get back in the gym. I love getting in there and getting sweaty. But with my physio and the rain I’ve gotten LAZY! I need Marini to whoop my booty once the docs release me for exercise.


about someone special.


my summer in Ireland woofing. I hope there is a nice quiet park where I can read, write, and use the camera I plan to buy when I go home before the trip. I am so happy that my couchsurfer told me about this organization. It sounds like it will be a lot of hard work and fun, plus I get play with pigs. 😀

2 thoughts on “Currently

  1. Yes, and I believe you asked about my netflix show. It’s cute. Based in the 1920’s Australian Jazz scene. I don’t get all of the shows because netflix recently began able to detect vpn’s so I am happy that the Albanian version has something interesting.

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