I am not sure why, but I have this feeling that something is going to change in my life. Not sure what, and not necessarily for the better. Where this feeling is coming from, I am not too sure. I don’t have any unanswered decisions to make, nor anything planned soon that could account for this feeling. Yet, it is still there. I’ve learned to trust my gut instincts, however, without some clue as to where the worry may be stemming from, I am not sure what to do. I will just have to be aware of what is going on around me and with the people I care for deeply.

Perhaps, this is just another side effect of all that has happened in the world recently. I can’t fathom how people who live and breathe the same air that I do, have the same heart and blood in their bodies can do the atrocities that we’re constantly seeing. It’s making me desire more and more next year to join the volunteers helping the refugees. I would do it now, had I already not made the commitment to farm in Ireland for a month. Maybe I can do another volunteer mission this Christmas. Any hands for any number of days can help.

For now, all I can do it wait and keep positive. Have any of you who read my blog had this feeling before? Any advice on how to move past it? Thanks in advance!


4 thoughts on “Dread

  1. That feeling just sits in the pit of your stomach. I have no hard and true advice but I know from your posts that you hold the power of positivity to persevere and make it through.

  2. When I start to feel dread, I use all of my energy to remain in the moment, to count my blessings, to show gratitude and kindness. It may sound trite, but those practices help me. Usually the dread, is my own fear and anxiety. Hope you are feeling better very soon!

  3. After living almost to almost my seventh decade, I have learned that nothing I “dread” turns out the way I thought it would. So I’ve also learned to try not to get too caught up in premature worry…since I have no control over what happens. My son volunteered with Syrian refugees while we were visiting in Berlin, Germany this past Christmas vacation. He was glad he did it and enjoyed meeting the Syrians he met. Sounds like you are a person of “action.” That’s the best way to deal with “dread”…keep busy. Good luck!

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