I know I have taken a break from the challenge, I needed the rest. But I am back and I plan to finish out the month strong.

The other day I was working in my writer’s notebook for my students and started a lists of ideas based on firsts. There is something magical about doing something for the first time:

Your first day of school.

Your first concert.

Your first day at a new job.

Your first interview for your chosen career.

Your first love.

Your first kiss. (although I didn’t put this in my writer’s notebook for school haha)

Your fist apartment.

Your first time living abroad.

Each of these experiences are etched into my brain. But one of my favorite firsts was the first time I saw snow.

I had a joke a few years back. No didn’t really exist. Being from Florida, I never saw snow as a child, and as I traveled I always seemed to bring the warm weather with me. Even when I went to New York City in winter, I didn’t get to see snow. But when I finally did a little over a year ago, it was perfect.

I was in Austria celebrating Christmas in a family environment for the first time in 4 years. Living in Asia I never got Christmas off, but we did get a long break for Chinese New Years. I was anxious because the weather report said it would snow soon and ice was already beginning to form on all the trees and plants. It was stunning, especially at his house. The house had a private nickname from me, “Snow White’s Cottage”. It was adorable and nestled next to a creek with trees and vineyards as far as your could see.

As I was reading in the living room, Thomas came in and told me to come outside. When I did I got to the beginning. The ground was dusted in a fine white powdery snow and I was giddy to see it falling from the sky. I ran around like a child grabbing snow, watching it melt in my hands, and struggling to make snow balls for our impromptu snow ball fight. Afterwards, we warmed up in the main house with coffee and soup. Just when I thought the day couldn’t get better, Thomas suggested a drive.

We ended up on a private road that noone drives down very often. We continued our snowball fight before I decided I was going to make a snowman. I didn’t care that there wasn’t “enough” snow to make it. So I made the tiniest snowman I’ve ever seen complete with twig arms and a drawn on face. I named him Goliath :D. Putting him on a sign post, we left and headed back home. The following weeks I got to really see snow in the Austrian Alps on top of a glacier, but I will still love that day the most.

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