SOL: Taking stock

I realized today that it has been more than one month since the SOL challenge and I haven’t really written. In some ways I guess this is a good thing. I’ve been busy……


Loving myself


Visualizing my future

Investing in me

Not focusing on the negative

Going forward

I rescued a dog this past month. I’ve named her Maddie and in many ways she reminds me of myself. She is beat up and bruised with a bad left hip. In the hip department we are twins. 2016-04-26 20.04.01

What a responsibility! She, sadly, has many problems and we are working on fixing her up. But really, she isn’t a bother, and it is nice to have her waiting for me at home with a wagging tail. I am excited for the day that she is fully vaccinated and I can begin taking her around the neighborhood. But for now, it is training to not go in the kitchen and just keeping her comfortable. After spending months eating trash and sleeping under cars, I think it is the least she deserves.

I’ve been enjoying doing all things PYP. If you asked me what I expected from PYP curriculum when I first began learning about the curriculum and the philosophy behind it, it is so similar to what I am experiencing. It is hard, challenging, exhausting, but oh so rewarding. I get be a kid with my kids and help them learn things through doing it. It’s not perfect at my school, not by any means. We are new, we are lacking many resources I would love to have, but as a whole, I am in heaven. My kids are motivated and opinionated. They know how to work hard and be silly. I think I did a pretty rock on job for my first time teaching with PYP, and I have a mile long list of things I want to tweak for next year….so I forsee a big working summer, which is ok. But after Turkey, I was dreaming of a school and position that really ignited that passion for teaching again. PYP is it! It also helps that my coworkers are awesome.

Current stock of my life…..:

Job to keep me busy and fulfilled? check

Way to many plans for the near future? check

Strategies to make these plans reality? check

Good friends and family near and far that make my heart happy? check

money in the bank? check

clothes on my back? check

No, my life isn’t “traditional”. I don’t see myself ever moving home, getting married, and raising a family there. But my life is me, in all of its chaotic splendor and I am embracing it!