Confliction is a fact of life. You know you should eat healthy yet you bargain with yourself that the one bowl of ice cream won’t hurt too badly. If your lucky, then conflict in your life can be easily negotiated. A compromise can be made. A solution, even if one you didn’t fully see in the beginning will appear. It is a much different case when the conflict is within yourself. When it is between your heart and your brain. In some ways the saying is true, time heals all wounds. And some things you must relinquish to time. Trusting that it will get easier. And it does. You make new plans, you begin to enjoy your days and know you will eventually get over it. But the thorn remains. You just begin to accept it. There are moments that just bowl you over. Dreams that you neither call upon nor want that appear in your sleeping hours that make you wake with a smile until reality dawns and you remember it will never be like that. How do you hope for something new? When your heart has not yet agreed with your realistic mind that something more may wait somewhere in the future? I guess you just trust and practice patience. 


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