In education, there is this idea of a growth mindset. The philosophy is this; students are rewarded not solely on a finished product or meeting a goal. In place of this praise for “getting an A”, or doing something at a certain level, students are praised on their effort, their ability to persevere, and for making progress, no matter how small. The language used is vastly different than the simple “excellent” or “good job”. You need to help your students be mindful of where they were, make simple realistic goals they can hopefully meet, and show them how much they have learned and achieved since the beginning. The language in these scenarios is specific “wow, look at that! last month you read 25 sight words, this month you can read 30, you must be practicing and reading a lot.”

I had a few interesting days in the past few weeks, culminating in 2 vastly different, yet similar in one way, conversations. They both left me feeling peaceful, which is turn made me reflect (living that LP)! haha. The first conversation was with my brother, Tim. Simple, short, and sweet, he was just checking in and it was so nice. It makes me want to put more effort into remaining in more frequent contact with the family, especially if I am not visiting in the near future, which is looking more likely to be the case, but who knows what will happen. The second was to be honest with someone about where I am, and what I need at the moment. I was worried about this conversation, how the other person would take it, if they would be upset. The products of repeated putdowns don’t go away easily, and this is truly challenging for me. But to my surprise, it was fine. They even congratulated me on being so straightforward and honest to not only them, but to myself. With this not only did I feel peace, but I felt strength. Like I shouldn’t worry to share what I really think, need, feel, especially if I do it from a place of peace and not hurt. Which is what brought me to growth. This person made a joke about me “growing up” haha. But really, he wasn’t too far off base. We all are still “growing up”, even if we are 31 and have been independently living for 16 years. I am beyond exhausted, but in light of the joy this night brought me I got these words in my head:


Like a toddler takes their first steps

tentative at first

bold after repeated use

Nothing stops their determination


Get up

Get hurt

Find comfort

The challenge has been set

They won’t stop until they succeed

A child learner to use a pencil

random lines

change to letters

form words


Life is a process

You will fail

But in that failure


You’re a work in progress

You learning your identity

Sometimes you forget

like when you fall in love

2 lives meld

2 lives separate

You have to remember who you were before

You blend the two and learn


you’re a work in progress

How to use your voice

even if you were silenced

Now you know you can shout

if you need to.


You’re a work in progress

You learn

How to be true to who you are

based on your terms

not insults

not lies

not disappointments

not false compliments

Sometimes you will regress

But you will always continue

to be kind

to be honest

to be nurturing

to be forgiving for your faults


You’re a work in progress

You travel

you explore

you get lost

you find your way

you meet new people

some kind

some not so

You learn


You’re a work in progress

You learn to control your mindset

You become positive

strive to improve

learn new things

Focus on the good

Life will happen

You will  be negative

You put yourself down

You feel sorry for yourself

But you refocus

you say a pep talk

you remember you’re awesome

you see your growth

and realize

The beauty of growth

there is no limit

there is no glass ceiling

your efforts

will bring you endless opportunities










with a cost






When this happens

remind yourself

you have been through a lot

you survived

life is good

keep searching

who know

This makes life, life.



Don’t give yourself a goal

None of us should ever be “grown”

be open

challenge yourself



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